5 June, 2017
I Conference on Corporate Coaching against Crisis
5 June, 2017

#Spring mode on with Prada a Tope

The adventure that opened the spring of Leon began with a beautiful and warm night in the Palace of Gaviria, on entering, there was Flor to welcome us with his best smile.
We got to try their excellent products, from the white Godello wine, to white and pink Xamprada, without missing the terrific lemonade and the cocktails which they also made with the Xamprada and the lemonade.
The careful and excited speech of Flor that combined to the optimism of the own Prada, created a fascinating atmosphere. Leon, our province, has much to offer and much to teach but we must begin by believing ourselves to radiate that good work, as Prada does. A good product like Prada to Tope products and a creator that convinces. To finish the event, all the guests had a gift of a fruit tree to plant, thinking of green. Thanks for the invitation, it was excellent.

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