5 June, 2017

Interview in the Cope

Aida Rodrigo, manager of the Hotel Rio Cea and Hostel Urban Rio Cea has done a brief interview in the Cope León chain, in the program […]
5 June, 2017

I Entrepreneurial Women’s Fair

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are born and made. … The entrepreneurial woman, characterized by an active and positive spirit that leads her to assume risks and commitments, […]
5 June, 2017

Offer Academies Languages

Choose one of our special offers to enjoy the most of the Eastern Mountain ofLeon. Learning languages ??has never been easier with Hotel Rio Cea. Download […]
5 June, 2017

Visit to the Provincial Ethnographic Museum

This week I went to visit the provincial ethnographic museum of Leon, located in Mansilla de las Mulas. The ticket cost me € 5. The museum […]
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